Envision Ellettsville

A volunteer, cross-community group that includes business, educators, town and county government, and residents has spent the past few months exploring the right path forward to build a shared vision for our community that is strategic, actionable, and sustainable.

Ellettsville’s Potential

The people who call Ellettsville home are passionate about their community and are proud of the positive changes that have happened over the past few years. The stage has been set for the Ellettsville community to reach its full potential. The greater Ellettsville community offers:

  • A welcoming atmosphere for new business opportunities and open land for development
  • Platted lots that are available now for development of single family housing and a desire to develop other options that meet housing needs in our county
  • Outstanding schools that offer opportunity and more personal attention
  • Well-developed utility infrastructure and the capacity to grow as the town grows
  • One of the nation’s top 100 broadband providers (Smithville) headquartered, and engaged, in our community
  • Security and safety, thanks to dedicated and experienced fire and police leadership
  • The ability to provide flexibility and options for Monroe County residents who want an alternative to the more urban Bloomington environment
  • Proximity to I-69 and road infrastructure that provides easy accessibility to other communities in the region
  • A collaborative and enthusiastic group of leaders who are willing to work together to create a shared vision for our community

As the Quality of Place and Workforce Attraction Plan states, growth within Monroe County can be best managed by raising the quality of place across the entire county. Ellettsville is well positioned, because what has already been accomplished, to contribute to a high quality of place that invites people to live in our county and encourages them to set down roots in our community.

Now is the time

Over the years, a lot of good work has been accomplished to move the Ellettsville community forward. But, this moment in time feels special.  There is outside interest in our community. Momentum and excitement is driving engagement and collaboration. We recognize that if we aren’t proactive, someone else might determine our future.

Our core stakeholders recognize that strong communities develop best when there is collaborative and visionary leadership. Our leaders have come together representing various segments of our community including business, residents, schools and students, town and county government, and not-for-profit organizations.

We want to hear the voices of all the people who call Ellettsville home and collect their input to create a shared vision and action plan for our community. The Envision Ellettsville project has been awarded a $30,000 Community Impact Grant by the Community Foundation of Bloomington and Monroe County (CFBMC), supported by the Smithville Charitable Foundation. This grant will give us the ability to hire a firm to lead us through the visioning process and leverage their community development expertise to ensure that all voices are taken into account and create an action plan to help us reach our full potential as a community. The right stakeholders are engaged and in position to support this important work to set the future vision of our community and contribute to the overall health of Monroe County.

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