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B’s Salvage Bloomington IN is a locally owned and operated scrap metal recycling company and junk car buyer servicing residential, commercial and industrial customers for over 30 years at its current location in Bloomington, Indiana.  JB’s Salvage purchases and recycles all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metal and also specializes in recycling junk cars.

We want your car!

At JB’s Salvage and West Side Auto Parts in Bloomington In, we pay the most for your Junk car because you sell straight to our yard. No HIDDEN FEE’S or details left out and no third party is ever involved. Your car will NOT be resold!

After parts are removed and fluids have been drained, your junk car is recycled in an environmentally friendly and government approved manner in compliance with Indiana law and statutes.

    1803 W Vernal Pike, Bloomington, IN 47404