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From novels, to non-fiction, to self-help, we have a nice selection of books for you.

Is your organization doing what you want it to do?
You may be having trouble getting a new idea started … or finished. The backlog is building and you can’t find the right employee. Or, you are not ready to hire another employee yet.
We can help you get things done.

You can’t afford an additional employee, but you need someone to help you keep your investors/members aware of your efforts through your email newsletter, spread your good news through the community, or write a grant application.

If you are awarded a grant, then you need to report back to the granting agency. After a year, you want to write a book to share the success stories of the people you helped.

Whether you are a small organization or a large one, Filibuster Press can help you with any or all of those steps.


If you earned a grant, you need to report your efforts to the granting agency. Did you do what you said you would? Did you have a positive impact on the community? As Secretary of the Board of the Indiana Evaluation Association, Filibuster Press is tuned into the latest evaluation techniques.

Maybe your organization is the granting organization. Do you need help sorting and evaluating the applications that are flooding your office? We can help you plan and create a grant program. Then, we can serve as an unbiased evaluator, reviewing applications, letting the Board or governing agency concentrate on the best applicants.

    Kyle Hannon