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Mission Statement: “Working together to revitalize our community while preserving Ellettsville’s heritage.”

Ellettsville Main Street, Inc. is a 501(c-3) non-profit corporation started in 2000. It is governed by a volunteer 9-member Board of Directors. Annual memberships are $25 (Basic), $100 (Contributing),and $250 (Sustaining). The area of concentration is the historic downtown between the one-way pair SR46 streets (Temperance on the south and Main on the north) and also includes Association Street.

Ellettsville Main Street, Inc. is an Active Indiana Main Street community. Proven methods of revitalization use the national 4-point approach of Organization, Design, Promotion and Economic Restructuring. Main Street works closely with the town of Ellettsville, the Ellettsville Chamber of Commerce and other local organizations to accomplish its mission.

On-going Main Street projects include Historic Photo Preservation; Banners & Street Decorations; and Blooms for the Welcome Gateways. Ellettsville Main Street also has an endowment at the Community Foundation of Bloomington and Monroe County to provide on-going support for Main Street projects. Tax-deductible donations are always welcome to increase the endowment fund.

A major project is the Heritage Trail, a pedestrian/bicycle trail along Jack’s Defeat Creek. It has features to educate about Ellettsville’s limestone industry heritage. It is part of Monroe County’s Alternative Transportation Plan and will eventually link to Bloomington and other parts of the County.

    P.O. Box 143, Ellettsville, IN, USA 47429