WHAT: A 1% food and beverage tax takes effect on February 1 in Monroe County.

WHO: The tax is countywide, and will affect restaurants, food trucks and grocery delis as well as the customers who purchase items from those places. The Indiana Department of Revenue sent out about 760 letters to registered Monroe County businesses that serve, prepare or furnish food or beverages to make business owners aware of the tax and how to pay it.

WHY: County officials plan to use the revenue to be generated by the tax as a funding source for the proposed expansion of the Monroe Convention Center. The project is estimated at $72 million, with a private developer expected to cover the development of an Embassy Suites hotel included as part of the project. The hotel portion is estimated at $37 million.

MORE INFORMATION: Business owners needing more information about the tax can contact the Indiana Department of Revenue’s Business Assistance line at 317-233-4015, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m., or by email at BusinessTaxAssistance@dor.in.gov.