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Thing in a Pot Productions provides promotional videography for small businesses, nonprofits and religious organizations in southern Indiana. We create videos from start to finish: planning, writing, producing, filming and editing. We are based in Bloomington and serve clients in the surrounding area, including Ellettsville, Terre Haute, Columbus (IN) and Indianapolis.

We are committed to helping large and small groups alike share their positive impact through professional video. We have created hundreds of videos, conducted thousands of interviews and garnered millions of views. Our knowledge of video production allows us to systematically walk new clients through the process, communicate clearly, quote accurately, and detect problems before they arise. You can ask us for any type of promotional video, including highlight reels, customer reviews, informative pieces, documentaries, vlogs, welcome videos, real estate overviews, and recruiting videos.

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EST: 2016

    P.O. Box 5641, Bloomington, IN 47407

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